The Phoenix has been a very important figure in the life of our Co-Owner, Robin Meaney, for quite some time. This mythological creature symbolizes birth, death, and rebirth, as well as eternity, strength, and renewal.

For our purposes, the notion that this mythical bird is reborn from the ashes of the flames of death signifies a journey through fire or adversity.

A Phoenix arises each morning anew or reborn – from darkness into light.

Phoenixes are amongst the strongest and most durable of supernatural creatures. They are quite powerful and nearly impossible to defeat.

For our athletes and adult fitness members, the Phoenix is a perfect totem of strength to carry them through adversity and whatever they may face in life or sport. They can arise each day anew – ready to take on the day with the fierceness of fire and the tenacity that they can’t be beat.

Rising from the ashes, a Phoenix is as strong and indomitable as they come. What better representation for youth and adult who work each day to better themselves in sport, health, wellness, spirit and life!

We Rise Above, any in all adversity, together.